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What story is told by your brand's narrative?
Be a great story with CX Media!



Your customer's experience begins long before that first meeting, phone call, or purchase. I have spent the last 15 years around the customer experience and the common thread throughout is that the customer has a story about you before they even research your business!

CX Media walks alongside you, throughout your customer's journey, to create experiences that result in great stories. We then tell these stories through video, photography, and written content.


Photo & Video

There really is something to the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". You have about 8 seconds to grab a customer's attention and convince them to take the next step. Images and video serve as a powerful means to accomplish this.

We are with you at each stage of your customer's journey. We understand what details to capture that will tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way. We capture content that tells your great story; a story that will inspire your customers to take action.

Quiet Desk


Brand Narrative

Connect it all together! We build content that develops your brand narrative. From customer awareness all the way through customer action, your brand is telling a story. We ensure these stories are consistent with, connect to, and showcase your brand. Be a great story and grow your brand with CX Media!

By The Numbers: Impact of the customer experience


Customers with a positive experience have a 74% chance of remaining a customer for another year vs. 43% who do not.


Companies that lead with great customer experiences grow revenue up to 14% faster.


Customers with a positive experience generate 140% more spend over those with poor experiences

6 years

Customers with a positive experience remain loyal customers, on average, for 6 years!
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